Anorexic girl


Drawing this girl taught me about judgment, because  I never reached the point at which I was satisfied with my work on her image.

I came to that realization after several hours of drawing her and trying to capture her hands and legs in this pose that I know so well.

I was going to have to accept that this picture is perfect just as it is, and afterwards I was thankful that realization.

So much of life is lost in judgment and fear….God knows I spend most of my life there…

Only while drawing can I  manage to open up a space for real living.

I am touched by this delicate, vulnerable woman… exposing her body and trying to hide it at the same time…  I can relate to this so well!  Her face is accepting that this is the best she can do for now, and that is exactly as it should be.  Thank you for your compassion and patience. By trusting in the presence of something more powerful than we are, we can learn to practice acceptance.

We can begin to open up  to acceptance of ourselves and others as we truly are.

We can see the perfection that is already there… we’re just waiting for our eyes to open to see this truth.

– Theresa

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  1. Beautiful



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