Bounteous Bodies

Below, examples of model-drawings done using a simple tracing technique on a light source. The drawings or tracings were then painted, and words added to share how the artist/draw-er felt as she worked on these images.   I’m working on getting comfortable with my own curves. When I did these drawings, I just dove in […]

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How thin is thin enough?

How many apples? How much tea? How many calories can I not eat?   How many laxatives will I take? How much will I allow this needy, greedy hunger? (This child of pain and anguish)   I can stifle her cries with my lies about how much I eat and when If I am forced […]

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Anastasia and I were roommates for only a few months, but a close friendship grew from sharing about our food and weight issues. We breached a huge taboo by admitting that we both turned compulsively to food when we felt overwhelmed by the stress in our lives, and that authenticity created an instant bond between […]

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What pains us makes us grow…

Is photographing and drawing myself narcissistic? Self-Absorbed? Vain? Or could it become a simple, accessible way to heal from self-rejection? For me it is definitely the second statement. I do it because I have always judged and criticized myself harshly, and drawing self-portraits is the best process I’ve found to really change my self-perspective. Usually, when I look in a […]

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This picture is of me, which makes it more challenging to let go of the criticisms my mind propagates as I draw. But with a deep breath and an open heart, I see one thing clearly:   I see the mind trying to accept – working so hard to mentally accept what the body has […]

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I never chose to have to live with painfully negative body image, low self-esteem and food difficulties that verge on an eating disorder. It was never a conscious decision; it was a reaction to some deeper, invisible wound that I cannot name. Whatever that wound is, it has yet to be healed by any amount […]