with loving eyes

This post about body image was inspired by my discovery of a crazy musician who has his own special way of making people’s lives just a little bit better… Marc Vella is a travelling pianist, whose mission in life for the past 25 years, has been to travel around the world with a baby grand piano, park it in […]

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How thin is thin enough?

How many apples? How much tea? How many calories can I not eat?   How many laxatives will I take? How much will I allow this needy, greedy hunger? (This child of pain and anguish)   I can stifle her cries with my lies about how much I eat and when If I am forced […]

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Anastasia and I were roommates for only a few months, but a close friendship grew from sharing about our food and weight issues. We breached a huge taboo by admitting that we both turned compulsively to food when we felt overwhelmed by the stress in our lives, and that authenticity created an instant bond between […]

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Anorexic girl

Drawing this girl taught me about judgment, because  I never reached the point at which I was satisfied with my work on her image. I came to that realization after several hours of drawing her and trying to capture her hands and legs in this pose that I know so well. I was going to […]

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