About drawing and tracing

“It felt so good to be drawing… I believe that drawing is a secret code that opens up our eyes. The hearts’ eyes, probably.”

“Tracing brings me deep joy. When I start to draw, everything quiets down inside me. My thoughts stop whirling around endlessly and I feel calm and concentrated on this soothing practice, simply in touch with the human being or the sensitive reality that I am tracing or drawing, full of gratitude and recognition.”

“One thing is sure, the more I draw, the less I suffer when situations arise. It helps me to stay calm inside and to not give in to the desire to put something, anything, in my mouth to escape the anxiety, the guilt and the shame that I feel. Drawing is wonderful!
Thank you again for this calming practice, I get away from it sometimes but it’s always such a delight for my soul and my whole being whenever I get back to it.”


“This tender form of drawing/tracing has been like therapy for me, bringing relaxation, discoveries and deepening understanding.”

“Tracing these tender drawings wakes up the sensitivity in our bodies and connects us with others sensitivities, whether they be male, female, animal, vegetable or mineral. It makes the body feel lighter, bringing it back to the light of which it is created.”

“I felt little movements inside me like the joy of a child, a calmness, I sensed the spirit of nature in the water, in the leaves. I realized at the end that I was as calm as if I had spent this time in the water and in nature.… then I drew the rock, which gave me the impression of being grounded. It was at that moment that I felt I had let go, that I was in the present moment.”

“Some drawings represented fluidity, as all the lines I was tracing were curved. While tracing, I felt like the process was tracing something inside of me. This brought me comfort, it spoke to me of gentleness, of letting things flow and of letting go of what is superfluous.”


“I have a feeling that this will bring me to discover my own personal course as I continue to trace… the movement that is within me.
These lifelines, traced simply on a piece of paper, connect us to a rhythm that exists somewhere, resonating both inside us and on the outside, somewhere in the world …welcoming what is, calling us to acceptance, to a transformation, an expansion.”

“Drawing for me can be difficult. It is not a talent I was born with. It is a survival skill, a technique and a tool to still my agitated mind. In my worst moments of doubt and fear, I have felt the greatest love; peace and tenderness emerge in my pencil’s touch.”

“Sometimes I feel relief when I draw and sometimes I feel nothing. Yet if I stay with it, past the initial fifteen or twenty minutes, a connection begins, a space has been offered; and often peace and stillness emerge.”

“Peaceful calm arrives, moving me into a new zone, toward stillness… it has to be lived and experienced firsthand to know the peace it can bring.”

“I truly believe that every tiny act of acceptance and recognition of what is most vulnerable within us helps the entire world to reconnect to this peaceful place within.”


About drawing and tracing the nude body

“Tracing the female body, nude, allowed me to tame the way I saw my own body. I carried a lot of judgment and self-hate towards my body and the way it looked. I was stuck in inaccessible ideals and I never felt I was good enough. Tracing and drawing the body gave me a real sense of compassion and gratitude for the body. I started by demystifying the body that doesn’t correspond to the usual esthetic norms. Bit by bit, I felt that a barrier of judgment inside me was falling away, I didn’t see people the way I used to, including myself”.

“It was always easy for me to express the fear, the self-disgust and loathing, but much harder to see the positive, and drawing gave me some distance from which I could see myself as “okay”… as “not-so-bad”, then, slowly, as “unique”, and then, best of all, as “one-of-many-okay, not-so-bad and beautifully unique” people.”

“For me, drawing was a revelation… drawing the nude body, in all its fragility, and beauty, but in particular facing up to what makes me uncomfortable, is a way to work through a lot of judgment, to make peace with reality, and embrace it. And slowly, subtly, unconsciously, the way I perceive life has opened up…”

“The more I draw, the more I see people in their intimacy and their vulnerabilities, which makes room inside to accept us all as we are, nude, simple. I recommend this practice to anyone who feels at odds with themselves and who would like to work on their “stuff”… it’s so easy to do.”

“Drawing has helped me get a lot more comfortable with my own body and with all bodies. Because the human body has so often been forgotten, misunderstood, rejected, and denied, or worse, imprisoned in a vision of perfection, it suffers in a way that stops the soul from shining through, and it needs to be deeply loved. Drawing acts as a rendezvous; a place where beauty can be discovered below the surface, not in what we generally accept as “attractive”, but in what may at first glance appear ordinary, unsightly, imperfect or simply unimportant.”

“To draw is to find the door to the heart and open it gently, allowing the light of love and truth into the darkest places. To draw is to light a candle in the wind of fear, knowing that the trust you have in this process of letting go of the judgemental regard…”

“The butterfly and maggot are both equally beautiful. The energy that created both is now sacred somehow in the space you have created to witness the mystery of life. You can see this truth behind the judgement and reaction. The image you are drawing has inspired you to see beyond the image itself, to the energy of the love that unites us all. “


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